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York Golf Club
7459 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43235
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 The York Golf Club Junior Classic!
York Golf Club is borrowing a tradition that originated in Great Britain. The practice of naming golf holes has never been widely adopted in the U.S. but with 90 years of history and features that give so many of our holes a unique "personality" York is perfect for using hole names.

The best hole names tell a story about the hole, something that occurred there or describe a significant feature. A properly named hole will evoke memories that will last forever!

We're asking our members to submit nominations and ultimately, if there is enough interest, vote on the names for each hole. You may only have one hole that you'd like to submit a name for or you might have names for each, feel free to submit any and all! 

Click Here To Submit Names By Email!
Name Our Golf Holes Contest!
Pre-Paid Guest & Cart Packages A Great Way To Save!

Again this season York Members will be able to save through the purchase of pre-paid guest fees. New for this season are the pre-paid cart packages that will let you do the same when you take a cart!

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York Joins The PGA Junior League

York, along with some other area clubs, is creating a division of the PGA Junior League. The league takes the Little League Baseball model and applies it to golf. It is specifically for juniors 13 years of age and younger and is a great way to learn more about the game and experience competition and other facilities. Meetings to determine match dates are being held this week...so stay tuned! 

Click Here To Visit The Junior League Website
A number of years ago York became one of the first clubs to allow members to rent push carts to use while playing and because they're much easier than carrying, their use has increased every year! 

Click Here For Details About Push Cart Use
York Golf Club Trail Fee Options For The Season
Walking is a very important part of the game to many of the York family. Carrying a set of clubs for 18 holes, however, isn't something that everyone enjoys. 
Introducing The York 
Rewards Program

York has many members that support the club through by using all the services that it offers. In recognition of those members that make a significant financial contribution to their club, this year there is a rewards program that will pay you back! Upon reaching a total spending threshold members will receive a 3% discount on all future spending on eligible purchases! 

Click Here For Rewards Program Details
Grandchild Membership Option

York Golf Club offers members to add grandchildren and adult children to their memberships. Contact Chuck or Glenn for details!
Membership Directory

The York Golf Club membership directory is available in pdf format. Contact the club to have a copy emailed to you.
Sign Up Now For The 2015 York Cup!!
June 12 & 13 
(Optional Practice Round June 11th)
On Monday, June 22nd York Golf Club will be hosting its own junior golf tournament. It is open to all junior boys and girls ages 13 to 17 and we hope to make it a successful annual event that will help us grow the game of golf in our community. If you know of a junior golfer that may be interested and meets the average score requirement (see the entry form) please let them know about the event. 

Click Here For Entry Form