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Did You Know?

York Golf Club offers the option to add grandchildren 15 years old or younger to your membership. 

Contact the business office or golf shop for details.
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York Golf Club
7459 N. High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43235
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Name Our Golf Holes Contest!
York Golf Club is borrowing a tradition that originated in Great Britain. The practice of naming golf holes has never been widely adopted in the U.S. but with 90 years of history and features that give so many of our holes a unique "personality" York is perfect for using hole names.

The best hole names tell a story about the hole, something that occurred there or describe a significant feature. A properly named hole will evoke memories that will last forever!

We're asking our members to submit nominations and ultimately, if there is enough interest, vote on the names for each hole. You may only have one hole that you'd like to submit a name for or you might have names for each, feel free to submit any and all!